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    30% of elderly Thais have dementia!

    30 per cent of Thais live with dementia

    About 30 per cent of elderly Thais are living with dementia, according to a survey on national health.

    "This is worrying," Deputy Public Health Minister Vallop Thaineua said yesterday.

    Conducted in 2004, the survey found that 35 per cent of old women and 24 per cent of old men had dementia. There were more than seven million Thais aged 60 years old up. Of the whole grey population, just a mere 13 per cent had no underlying disease.

    Common diseases included hypertension, cancers, kidney failure, partial paralysis and degenerative joint disease.

    The Nation

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    Well, the ex wifes parents both have it (dementia).Mum is worse than dad tho...she has to wear diapers.father was always as mad as a snake,except now it's getting worse.Not nice for any family to handle.

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    Elderly Thais???

    They're all fookin demented!

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    that seems like a rather high number. Is there a source - aside from the newspaper to back it up?
    I doubt they would be able to get hold of or even afford the drug in England that (allegedly) arrests the progression or even stops the onset.

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    how do you get the diaper to stay on the snake

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