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    One up for the motorcycle boys

    Bright and sunny day here in the sleepy village of Rottingdean. I am lounging outside my shop when I see and hear this postbox red BMW, music blaring, windows and sunroof open. This chap with his bleached blonde hair and fake tan decides to park on the motorcycle bay outside my shop. At the same moment a chap on a vintage Triumph was about to park there. Mr Triumph politely asked Mr BMW for a couple of feet to get his bike in the bay.
    The idiot in the BMW just ignored him, locked the doors and walked off , to the beach I presume. I told Mr Triumph to park on my forecourt, no problem. He did and with a smile went into the cafe next door. Some 30 mins later Mr Triumph tapped on my shop window, showed me a cake from the cafe, and nonchalantly tossed it threw the open sunroom of the BMW. Within seconds one of the hungry seagulls scavenging outside the cafe, flew into the BMW to devour the cake, couldn't get out, shit everywhere!
    Excellent, these old boys on bikes have some real class.

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    The 4th dimension.
    old school, nice.

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    Fuck me Bower stuff like that usually brings tears to the eyes through laughter!

    If I were there I would of loved to of seen the feller return to the motor just for the repeat effect.

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    Nice one. Won't teach the BMW driver anything but it's the retribution that counts.

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    Nice one well done the trumpet owner funny i downloaded this game yesterday.The seagulls in Sussex certainly pooping a lot at the moment.

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