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    America has turned the corner

    Colorado - the true spirit of what the US used to be returns.

    I'm starting to like you Yanks again

    The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY - YouTube

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    Awesome step in the right direction. The entire world has criminalised cannibas in order to fall in line with the US and its BS war on drugs. Hopefully the world will follow suit, pull their heads in and legalise the harmless herb and take it out of the hands of organised crime.

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    [QUOTE="9999"]the harmless herb.

    though i do like it, i wouldn't say it's harmless.
    like all subs. there is a downside.
    motivation, getting off your arse etc.

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    Albert OP

    Don't forget Washington State.

    I vote in that state and voted for de-criminalization of Marijuana.

    It passed!

    You can possess/carry up to 1 oz. legally.

    I agree that both initiatives in CO and WA are a step in the right direction.

    Different states have different laws on MJ and many are still draconian/stupid.

    Hopefully there will be more initiatives in more states in the next election cycle(s)

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    They should re-ban cannabis , and all forms of smoking too.
    Who wants to smell that sickly sweet - in your face- stink all over the place , it reeks from miles way off too.

    you smell it and look around for the culprit , usually some waxen faced loser chav with a naff neck tattoo and nylon track suit .

    The governments are using it to neuter the population , hence the legalisation , any get up and go in people is extinguised.
    The urban myth is it makes people creative is just not true , and they just end up giggling over the most patetic crap , eg youtube video of people falling in a swimming pool etc .

    It's not even 100% sucessful on that level , as it makes some people agressive , others paranoid and all of them wearing clothes stinking from fumes of pure skunk .

    Ban weed , ban tobbaco and ban those E ciagrettes too , make the junkie filth who have stunk the place out, and polluted the enviroment, with 200 fag ends a week tosed everywhere, suffer .

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    The money and opportunity for the little guy, the outsider, is what is driving the pot push and excitement. People that smoked pot in the past won't be changing a thing. For many who don't smoke, it's exciting because the government seems to be letting the people who it oppressed for decades have some freedom for a change.

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