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    Penguin Annoying

    This is just fcuking cool No way is this about science, some blokes just decided they wanted to piss off some penguins and went for it. (I know I would )

    Penguins on a treadmill - the latest (and most bizarre) way to save the planet | the Daily Mail

    Penguins on a treadmill - the latest (and most bizarre) way to save the planet

    Scientists put monitors on birds in expirement to chart global warming

    By ELEANOR MAYNE - More by this author Last updated at 21:17pm on 7th April 2007
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    They may look absolutely bizarre ... but these king penguins struggling on a treadmill could help to save the planet.

    Scientists from Birmingham University have fitted 50 of the birds with special heart-rate monitors in an experiment designed to measure global warming.
    They will record how much energy the birds are using in order to feed themselves. If the data shows they are making longer trips further into the oceans to find fish, it may prove waters are warming up and climate change is taking place.
    Video: Now watch amazing footage of a penguin on a treadmill here

    Dr Lewis Halsey, of the university's School of Biosciences, said: "We are fairly confident that there have been changes in the southern oceans where these penguins live. We expect they will also have to change what they are doing when they go into the sea to feed. More follows...

    "The lantern fish the penguins eat are going to be moving further south into colder waters as the southern oceans increase in temperature due to global warming.
    "The penguins are going to have to go further afield - and burn more calories - to find them. "We use the heart-rate monitors to find out how hard the penguins are working. Over time they will be working harder to find the fish."
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    Hmmm at least connected to an issue of the day. Much more so than research into bacon samichs..

    E. G.

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    A penguin in a cage.


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    Damn imagine what the penguin is thinking? Poor soul!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaibook View Post
    Damn imagine what the penguin is thinking? Poor soul!

    "i wish i were a bacon sandwich" probably

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