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    Are you a saint?

    Apparently, the Catholic Church has moved one step closer to making the late John Paul II into a saint. A French nun seems to have had her Parkinson's disease cured after she appealed to the late pope's spirit. Now they have to investigate this, and it only takes proof of another miracle, before they can start to consider his beatification.

    So, do the members have Teakdoor have any candidates for sainthood? Remember, the person needs to have been responsible for two miracles, and to have lived a life of virtue.

    I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. My girlfriend. She lives basically an honest life, but can turn money into beer at the drop of a hat, and is capable of moving from the bed to the sofa without anyone noticing.

    2. Morrissey. It's a miracle no one has shot him. It's also a miracle how he has made some of the best pop songs of the 20th century.
    The truth is out there, but then I'm stuck in here.

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    I thought miracles only happened in times when they thought the world must be flat in order for everyone to witness the Second Coming.

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    ^Second coming s are ok,except they take a long time when you are a bit pissed....

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    i have to rely on the second coming because the first one is usually a bit fast, especially with a new partner

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    what's a "life of virtue"? Does this mean giving all your money away to the more needy? If so, I'd say that bloke DD must be a shoe-in

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    I would think that, by now, Smeg could well be on his way to sainthood. He has miraculously continued to post on Thai forums after being banned some 500+ times. This is indeed a modern-day wonder.

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