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    Rockwiz - First Gig / First Album ?

    Anyone who ever watched Rockwiz in Australia knows the gist.

    Name your first gig and first album you bought with your own money. I can't force you to be honest, but I will be.....


    First gig? - Feb 1981 in Brisbane - The Clash. My older brother bought me a ticket for my birthday. Was in a venue named Cloudland that was an old 1940's dance hall with a sprung floor. The place was jumping. I remember Joe Strummer stopped in the middle of a song because one of the audience was being a prat.

    First Album with my own money? - Bat Out Of Hell. Cost me about $7 AUD in 1978. Got destroyed in a fish tank leaking incident a few years later, along with some other music that I actually liked.
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