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Thread: Amazon delivery

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    Amazon delivery

    If you are looking for a product from Amazon to test the customs charges - can I suggest Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 55 Gallon: Health & Personal Care

    Interesting reviews

    I stole a barrel of this lubricant earlier this week.

    The police are, currently, still trying to restrain me.

    First things first, I have to admit that the possibilities of this lone 55 gallon drum of lubricant is endless. For the first few weeks, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I not only used this drum to help improve my sex life, but I also was able to fix my car, through a savvy party that entertained both young and old, fix my squeaky back door, reach nirvana, and finally create that ultimate slip in slide that I truly desired. Eventually, I started to incorporate my lube into almost everything I did. It gave me the confidence to start talking to more attractive women, as well as made me the local gossip as the guy to go to in town for making whoopie. Without this lube I was a nobody. With it, I was a jerk and everybody loved me! Boy....those were the good old days. Sadly, over the past few months or so, I started to notice my pump was finally running out. It first started as a spitting noise, and now the passion pit has finally reached the end of its life cycle. My only advice to new buyers is that they make sure that they understand this is a commitment. You must treat your Lubricant as if it was you're own child. That means regular cleanings, temperature checks, and daily use is necessary. Above all, it served as a way for me to relax. After a hard day of work, I knew I could always look forward to going home and enjoying a nice night of premium channel after hours programming with a handful of my best friend Customer Reviews: Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 55 Gallon

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    People who viewed this also viewed a 60 lb wheel of cheese and a rubber squeeky pig.

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    I delivered one to the Blessed Father Catholic Boys School only last week

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    Not just an online bookshop any longer...

    I believe [the intent] folks like Amazon have lost their way.
    The bigger picture.

    Do one thing. Do it well.

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