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    An honest 'advertorial'?

    I don't think this is the sort of press coverage the developer was expecting when they sent their press release to The Nation.

    Superior units from AP at Sukhumvit 42
    Published on March 16, 2007

    New project offers 214 freehold units near highly congested site

    Asian Property, one of the better run locally listed real-estate companies, has recently launched a new "Address" brand condominium.

    The project, being built on a plot covering two rai on Sukhumvit 42, is selling residential space for Bt69,000 a square metre.

    Its smallest unit is a 45-square-metre, one-bedroom apartment that goes for about Bt3.1 million.

    A 75-square metre, two-bedroom unit costs about Bt5.4 million. The price includes air-conditioners but not built-in furniture.

    Mock-up units are available for sampling at Soi Somkid, off Soi Chidlom.

    There is no sales office at the actual site. But before making a decision, buyers should check the Sukhumvit 42 area, which has lately become a highly congested zone due to the big shift of population to the eastern suburbs.

    Part of the rush here is the BTS station at Ekamai, which allows urban workers to commute quickly to the inner city.

    The bad news, sadly, is the worsening Skytrain service, which at some point will create a backlash as more passengers refuse to ride its carriages because they are affixed with noisy TV screens.

    Riding the trains can be highly stressful, and therefore unhealthy, if one has to sit through long journeys while being repeatedly force-fed advertisements.

    This practice, unless outlawed for reasons similar to those under the Geneva Convention, that forbids the use of torture and brainwashing on captives, can have a long-term damaging impact on consumers.

    Retirees who are concerned about their longevity should rethink any plans to move here.

    For the moment, however, developers believe home-buyers will overlook the shortcomings of the BTS system.

    Indeed, in the past year, projects located near mass-transit points have done much better than detached homes in the outer suburbs, which are tough to get to because of the build-up in traffic along roads and highways.

    Condominium sites on Phra Khanong and Onnuj, which are not too far from the Asian Property Sukhumvit site, have also received strong bookings.

    Still, there is no guarantee that land values along the Skytrain will continue to be buoyant if fewer people ride it.

    Overall, this new Address is among the better condominium estates in these parts.

    Its units should be better fitted than those offered by more economical outfits, such as Supalai, Metro Star and Tararom, which are building farther out from Onnuj through Sukhumvit 103.

    Price-wise, the Address may sound more expensive. Upon close scrutiny, however, it will be seen that it does offer better value. For instance, its bathrooms and overall designs are far superior to its rivals.

    The Address provides parking on the ground and basement floors. The swimming pool is located on the eighth floor.

    There are two lifts serving each of the two buildings. The maintenance fee at Bt40 a square metre is sufficient to ensure proper servicing should be forthcoming.

    The buildings are expected to be completed by the end of the year, but it will probably take some time for the 214 apartments to be fitted out.

    Apart from the foul traffic and high pollution levels at Ekamai, which is made worse by the nearby Eastern Bus Terminal - with its convoys of old, dirty diesel buses belching dark exhaust fumes - the location can be considered central and perhaps convenient for those who don't ever drive.

    Itthi C Tan
    The Nation
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    Fair enough but bar canal boat what other quick non deadly way is there to get around BKK other than the old Sky Train?

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    Mr Itthi C Tan is obviously a shareholder in one or more of the properties in the On nut area.

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    Many of these 214 units will be sold to affluent foreign men wanting to 'play' in Bangkok. Such condos are popping up all over that area. Do these buyers understand the demographic trends over there? The ratio of decent hookers per foreign man is shrinking. There won't be an unclaimed orifice of any quality left on Sukhumvit in a few years.

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