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    How often has this happened to you?

    Israel recalls 'naked ambassador'

    Israel's leadership has been shaken by a string of scandals

    Israel is replacing its ambassador in El Salvador after the envoy was found outside the embassy, drunk, wearing only bondage gear, officials said. "Our ambassador has been recalled immediately," a foreign ministry official told AFP news agency. San Salvador was Tzuriel Refael's first post as ambassador, after promotion in 2006 from a foreign ministry position.

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel recalls 'naked ambassador'

    Sounds like a guy who knows how to party
    You, sir, are a God among men....
    Short Men, who aren't terribly bright....
    More like dwarves with learning disabilities....
    You are a God among Dwarves With Learning Disabilities.

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    Now that would be a bitch wouldn't it.
    I was picked up by the cops once drunk, running down the street with my cloths in my hands, I was glad too, cause her hubby was somewhere back there with a gun, I had a lead on him, I went out the window and he had to run around the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbil
    was found outside the embassy, drunk, wearing only bondage gear,
    This is comparable to the bargirls queing up outside the Uk embassy each morning on Wireless Road

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    .....after promotion in 2006 from a foreign ministry position.
    He deserved that promotion; it's not easy to get into the 'foreign ministry position'....My postman's double-jointed and he can't do it.

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    I would have thought B&D would be a natural predisposition for any Ambassador of a US ally in Central America.

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    It is a well known fact that the person who approves the visas at the American Embassy in Bangkok dresses this way , simply protocol for someone in such an important decision making process.

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