While working security in a well known lap dancing establishment in Birmingham i heard the distinct ramblings of Thai-English at the bar. I went over to find a drunken Thai gent trying real hard to order a whiskey. I spoke Thai to him and helped him get his drink. A few minutes later he came up to me and introduced himself as the owner or a large chain of Thai resturants in the UK. He gave me his card and a very large amount of money as a tip and then asked if any of the girls did "extras!. I explained to him that this establishment doesnt let that go on with the girls. He then explained to me that the last time he had sex with a lap dancer it cost him 300 for twenty minutes! He even showed me the money that he had for this evenings transaction with one of the girls. He then got a phone call from his missus asking him where he is and he invited me for lunch and then disappeared. I did ask him why he would pay so much and he said "you cant get pretty girls like this in Thailand ... i love white women" lol