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    Out there!

    Nadi - hard to believe but ....

    Can you believe that someone in India keeps the record of your past, present and future? Yes! This is called Nadi Astrology written by enlightened masters called the Siddhas. These Siddhas may have known you in a past lifetime when you lived in India. At that time they agreed to help many people during a crisis in a future lifetime. For some people, that future time is actually "now".

    Nadi Astrology

    These Siddhas are an esoteric group of enlightened saints from the distant past. The stories of many of them are not yet well-known in the West. They founded Nadi astrology. Lord Shiva, pleased with their devotion, bestowed upon them some exclusive powers. He gave them the incredible clairvoyance to know the past, present and future. The Siddhas have etched their priceless knowledge on ancient palm leaves called Nadis. If they were associated with you in your 'Poorva Janma' (previous birth), they promised to help you in a future life, i.e. now. By the Nadi law, you will be involuntarily attracted to the leaves by destiny only. Not everyone has a leaf, so it is an interesting omen that you are reading this far.

    Nadi Leaves
    The Nadi leaves are inscribed in Sanskrit, the language used in all ancient Indian arts and sciences. The Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore, a true patron of art and sciences, stored these palm leaves in his palace library. He had them translated into Tamil. The British acquired possession of these leaves during their rule and later sold them to some families, which still own them. They have been carefully preserved, awaiting their moment of rendezvous with the intended recipients.
    Siva Baba's Role

    In this lifetime, Siva Baba has unearthed a combination of Nadis renowned for being genuine, accurate and reliable after twenty years of painstaking research. He has people start the search for their leaf with Shiva Nadi, the supreme Nadi which is a dialogue between Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi, both considered true adepts of enlightened yogic arts. MahaShiva Sukshma Nadi, the greatest Shiva Nadi, contains minute details about every aspect of human life. Whereas other Nadis usually give predictions for every five years or so, this Nadi will give predictions on a yearly basis or even every six months. If your leaf is not available with Shiva Nadi, we also have leaves from other illustrious saints– Visvamitra, Bogar and Pulipani.

    The most important aspects of this astrology are the remedies involving rituals at temples for transmuting difficult karmas created in a past life which may be affecting this incarnation. Siva Baba is energetically involved in the remedial part of this astrology. He insists on individuals performing the remedies in order to change the problems in their lives. Siva Baba has especially blessed these remedies.

    With just a thumbprint, the astrologer can identify your Nadi leaf containing your destiny, previous incarnations, and how to remove negative karma. The Nadi readings will accelerate the process of burning your karma and can completely alter the course of your destiny.

    Nadi Readers

    A temple called Vaitheeswaran Koil, in a village in Southern India, is the nerve center of the Nadi tradition. Surrounded by other temples of great significance, the entire village reverberates with this ancient heritage of wisdom. The Nadi readers Siva Baba works with are from this fertile soil for Nadi Astrology. Siva Baba guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the readers and Nadis used by Vaaak Sounds.


    Siva Baba says that it is not enough for you to know your destiny, whether it is good or bad. One important step is the ability to change and reconstruct it as you wish to have it. This is a yogic art which Siva Baba has permission to share more openly, including in the West.

    Caution! There is so much out there in the name of Nadi Astrology. Not every Nadi is comprehensive or legitimate. There are fake Nadi leaves! It is important to be cautious about the source. To repeat, Siva Baba personally guarantees the authenticity of the Nadi's used in his organization.

    Getting Started

    You can find your Nadi leaf through two means: (1) come to India in person (either on one of Siva Baba's special group trips or on an individually designed trip for those of you with tight and unpredictable schedules) or (2) use our efficient mail-order service. It is most beneficial to come to India and personally perform the remedies that the Nadi author prescribes for you. You are the best one to clean up your own mess!

    However, if you cannot travel to India at this point in time, you can receive your Nadi reading through the mail (or e.mail). You may fill out a questionnaire and return it to us along with your thumbprint. We will first locate your Nadi leaf which contains your first chapter or general chapter reading- it identifies you, your parents and spouse by name, number of siblings, profession, religion etc. It will include general predictions for the remainder of your future. Then we will locate your two remedial chapters (13 and 14), which will prescribe the exact rituals to be performed that will erase the balance of your past-life sins, allow you to end the current suffering and achieve your highest potential in the future. Subsequently, you can request additional chapter readings on specific areas of life that you wish to learn about such as jobs, business, family, marriage, relationships, health/medical issues etc.

    Here is the opportunity of a lifetime. Use it. The results are remarkable and changes are dramatic. This science has endowed thousands of people all over the world with peace and prosperity. Should you miss out?

    Send us your completed questionnaire and thumbprint and follow the remedial measures the Nadi author recommends to achieve your predicted destiny and a great life ahead. To live is to grow and to grow is to prosper. So Prosper.
    Someone might want to try it by e-mail.

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    It worked for him.

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    Sounds like a scam, next they'll be asking for your bank account details so they can shovel in heaps of karmatic dollars.

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