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    "Katoey" Cosmetics

    No I'm not considering switching sides or looking to go through a "rite of (back) passage" as metioned in my stag night thread. This is a serious(ish) request for info.
    I'm going back to the UK to live shortly and have been looking at products here which I could earn a little extra on flogging back in England. Got a mate in the midlands who has lots of contacts in the retail sector and so far we've come up with a few ideas.
    He has a friend who reckons she could make a killing flogging "Katoey Brand" make up to trannies in the UK. My question is does such a brand exist, or do they just use generic brands used by (normal?!) women.
    Please feel free to rip the piss, but information would also be very much appreciated.
    Ta very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by all mod cons View Post
    Please feel free to rip the piss
    i am working on it right now.

    will revert with piss take.


    ok so i couldnt think of a piss take, but here is a thought. I am not an expert on transvestites (oh no i'm not) or makeup - but surely their goal is to look like a woman, not like a katoey. therefore they would use womens make-up.
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    Most seem to want to look like ghosts with the amount of white powder they slap on.

    Just repackage talc as a Katoey Cosmetic and you'll be sorted.

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    Don't know if there're any specific brands, but I reckon thick foundation would be a good idea to hide stubble. Not so much of a problem for katoeys, but if you're planning to import it for UK drag queens...

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    Mostly in Northern Thailand.
    Just sell the hormone cocktails they take and youll make a mint... try getting them through customs though...

    As far as I know they use the same cosmetics as women.

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