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    Asian Martial Arts Games

    Games hit by more farcical scenes at kickboxing event

    It seems that the inaugural Asian Martial Arts Games cannot have a trouble-free day.

    Thailandís kickboxing team manager Suthisak Thandeekitkul, right in black suit, points his finger at Nasser Nassiri, vice president of the Asian Kickboxing Federation, left in grey suit, in a protest.

    The Games, which have been marred by allegations of biased officiating, saw a fierce protest in yesterday's kickboxing finals at Chantana Yingyong Gymnasium.

    The competition was delayed for more than half an hour after Thailand's Pongphan Plensantia lost to Baurzhan Kudaibergenov of Kazakhstan by a majority decision in the final of the men's low kick 57kg class.

    The fans were so furious that they threw bottles onto the ring. Wrapped in a Thai flag, Pongphan refused to get out of the ring.

    Thai officials shouted "cheat" and obscenities at Nasser Nassiri, vice president of the Asian Kickboxing Federation who oversaw the tournament.

    Suthisak Thandeekitkul, Thailand's kickboxing team manager, claimed Pongphan, who knocked down his opponent twice, was the clear winner.

    He said Thai fighters had earlier lost in two finals in dubious circumstances and that Pongphan's defeat was the last straw.

    "We can't stand this. It's too much. The officiating was very bad," Suthisak said.

    He then confronted Nassiri who said he had nothing to do with the result and that it was the judges who determined the outcome. "You should be a good loser," said the Iranian.

    The Thai camp demanded that the result be reversed while Nassari threatened to end the competition at that stage with three fights left.

    After a talk, a compromise was reached.

    Both sides agreed that the judges would review the tape and make a decision later last night or today.

    In karate-do, Thailand's Yuttana Klamprabud reached the final of the men's kumite 75kg after beating Lee Ka Wai of Hong Kong in the semi-finals.

    But Yuttana was ordered to fight in the semi-finals again, against Ahmad Almesfer of Kuwait who beat the Thai.

    Almesfer had been disqualified in an early bout but the decision was reversed after a protest.

    "It's a complete farce," said a Thai official.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mid
    "It's a complete farce," said a Thai official.
    of course it was, they didnt win!

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