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    The official lets all laugh at.......

    Newcastle thread!!!

    So the supposedly "big club" of Newcastle have gone down with a team that included the likes of Owen, Viduka, Martins, Butt, Duff etc.

    Fuck em. They get exactly what they deserve and that is to be relegated. Only they could employ managers who hadn't managed in the premiership for 7 odd years, employ messiah no.1 who openly admitted he hadn't watched a premiership game in 2 or 3 years and then also employ messiah no.2 when they were deep in the shit who had absolutely no managerial experience at all.

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    Must be a dark day for their fans, seeing Sunderland and Hull survive, at least they can console themselves with Boro going down as well.

    Also, what with Scunthorpe winning the league one play off today that'll be a nice local derby for them next year

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    Im not really laughing at them, more of a "they deserved to go down".

    Bad management and average players are a fatal combination in any league. I watched the second half and the fight they put up was unbelieveable i.e non existent. These players are on a great package yet they were playing like they were in 10th position, no urgency needed, no fight required.

    Being a Spurs fan we could well have been in the same position, we were bottom at one point yet we managed to end the season with a chance of qualifying for Europe.

    The likes of Blackpool, Doncaster and a couple of trips to Wales await Newcastle, rightly so as well.
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    The funny thing is they still believe Keegan is some sort of Messiah.

    He's won them exactly fuak all over the years, bailed out on them twice when the going gets tough (along with England, Man City) and left them completly in the lurch this year.

    He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy!!!

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    One set of fukc ups after another. They were'nt doing too bad under Keegan, so they bring in the likes of Dennis-bleedin'-Wise as director of football (eh???). Keegan gets the hump and leaves. They buy players like the unemployable sociopath Joey Barton...
    Players like Viduka, Owen, Duff only start playing when they're at the end of their contracts, otherwise they are'nt interested.

    They deserve relegation, imo. The whole club needs a complete overhaul from fat arsehole chairman down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmart
    DOWN being the operative word!

    Anyway won 100 quid , thanks Newcastle

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    The last match i went to in England was at Newcastle, 2003 season. It was a night game in a European competition, and i only went to watch so i could see Shearer do his goal celebrations. Anyway, the game went to penalties, Shearer missed, Newcastle lost, and i never got to see Shearers celebration. Fookin karma last night then.

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    I love the way Shearer - their hero - took them straight into the Championship, no messing about.

    Newcastle is a motley collection of has-beens & couldn't-care-lesses. They got what they deserved.

    I feel a bit sorry for Southgate though - nice bloke.

    they still believe Keegan is some sort of Messiah
    They're demented - he's a bottler.

    And if NickA's reading this thread, I'd just like to congratulate him on Crewe's performance this season

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    Big Sam says goodbye to Newcastle


    ....and points them towards the Championship

    Keegan hears the news.

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