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    Brawls, good for sport or not?

    In this era of sanitized policital correctness and oscar award winning dives on the soccer pitch is this sort of testosterone unduced brawls good or bad for sports?

    RUGBY fans the world over have been shocked - or delighted - by footage of a shocking brawl between two of Romania's top teams.
    The fighting flared within minutes of the kick-off of a game between league-leading rivals Dinamo Bucaresti and Farul Constata in Bucharest and Farul Constata in Bucharest at the weekend.
    While the fight began in a scrum near the goal posts, it rapidly spread to all parts of the field and most of both teams' players - and reportedly some of the spectators, too.
    The referee eventually showed a player from each team a red card, but another nine were suspended on Monday by the Romanian Rugby Federation.
    Much to their dismay, the video has become an internet sensation.
    The game was won 3-0 by Dinamo Bucaresti.
    here's the link that contains the video also. (only for the real men among us, of course)

    Mass Romanian rugby brawl caught a big hit on film | Herald Sun

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    Nothing like a bit of Cabaret between the action or lack of it

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