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    Mike Swick, UFC Welterweight Contender, was busted by Thai police

    "Mike Swick, UFC Welterweight Contender, was busted by Thai police recently Phuket (pronounced Poo - ket, regrettably), Thailand while riding his motorcycle. Swick, in Phuket training at Tiger Muay Thai Gym, is blogging about his experience there on his blog site, This is just one of the interesting stories coming from his experience there. Here's Mike's account of the story from his blog."

    "After 2 days in Phuket, I finally got busted! It was bound to happen eventually. I am not even 100% sure what I did wrong. Thats bad I guess. I think I ran a red light and made an illegal turn. Either way, I had to drive my motorcycle straight to the Chalong Police station to pay my fine. After spending the rest of the night reading "Motorcycle Driving In Thailand As A Foreigner For Dummies" over a seafood dinner, I am ready to obey the laws of the Thai roadway tomorrow!"

    Mike Swick, UFC Welterweight Contender

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    I didn't know that there were any rules for raiding a motocy in Thailand , if there are the Thai people would be using them wouldn't they.

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