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    David Haye vs Vitali

    Apparantly it is on. Haye called out the Kitscho brothers after just one (meaningful) fight at heavyweight. This fight will produce a clear winner, and the top dog at heavyweight.

    Who's going to win this one ?

    My money is tentatively going on Vitali, though Haye has every chance.

    Vitali has never been knocked down, let alone out. Haye has.
    Haye should have taken Wladimir first, as the better option - I'd have Haye beating Wlad 9 times out of 10.

    But then, James Toney just won a bout that he clearly lost on the commentators cards, the online voting cards, my card, and compubox. Complete bollox, and I think Fres Oquendo is rightfully spewing.

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    Haye is an exciting fighter / puncher, but I think he is a blown up Cruiserweight, and will be too small for either Klitchko. Probably will be bulldozed within a few rounds.
    Shame, as the Heavys are really lacking any personalities / excitement, right now.

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