Young 3 Lions Gym members in Thailand.

Local kick and Thai boxing coaches Dave Munro and Bin Tyler took a team of seven local kids and two adults from Three Lions Gym on a trip of a lifetime - a two-week training holiday at the world famous Sityodthong Thai boxing training camp in Pattaya, Thailand.

They had a fortnight of intensive one-on-one training with some of the best coaches in the world.

The full team was Dave Munro - who 20 years ago was the first martial artist from the region ever to train and fight in Thailand and was also the first ever qualified Thai boxing instructor from the region - Lee Munro, Daniel McComb, Luca McComb (six), Sydney Butcher (five), Jade Munro (11), Henry Andrews (11), Michael Andrews (11), Connor Judge (13) and Daniel Dawson (14).

Whilst in Thailand the team trained hard every day in severe heat and all put in 100 per cent.

At the end, two awards were given to the most hard-working members of the team, Luca McComb and Jade Munro.

Two of the gym members also fought against experienced Thai opponents in a local tournament.

Bin Tyler gave away weight and experience but still knocked out his Thai opponent in the second round.

Luca McComb also gave away experience but fought brilliantly, eventually losing his bout, but gave an excellent account of himself in his first Thai fight.

The Three Lions Gym will be returning to Thailand in April, 2010 with a team to take part in an international tournament in Northern Thailand.

The next few weeks, will be a busy time for the club with Luke Self, Daniel Folkes and Scott Gooch in action in Stowmarket on November 14.

Then Liam Plant are fighting in Reading on November 16; Jade Munro, Lee Munro, Daniel Dawson and Scott Gooch will be in action in Chadwell Essex on November 23.

And the club's home show is at the Ocean Room on December 7 featuring amongst others, Bin Tyler, Dave Munro, Paul Prewer, Dave Carson, Marty “Boy” Duke, Aarron Lewis, Neil Platt and Ian Webster.