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Thread: The wrong hole

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    The wrong hole

    Hole in one - on wrong hole

    A Devon golfer is the talk of the clubhouse after hitting a hole in one - on the wrong green.

    Clive Seymour, 74, was aiming for the par-four 265-yard tenth hole but sliced his drive, reports The Sun

    Back on the 330-yard fourth hole, players were bemused as the ball cleared trees, thudded on to their green, and tricked into the hole.

    Grandfather of six Clive said: "It's a great feeling, even if it was in the wrong hole. I used a driver but I really sliced it."

    The retired shopfitter is still the toast of Hele Park Golf Club, in Newton Abbot, Devon.

    Manager Wendy Stanbury said: "It was the talk of the clubhouse. Holes in ones always are but this one was a bit special - we've never had this happen before.

    "Unfortunately the ball was out of bounds and he had to replay the shot. But Clive was still chuffed. He has set an interesting club record - the only hole in one in the wrong hole."

    Clive's daughter Julie Callaghan, 47, had a T-shirt made for him featuring a graphic of the shot.

    She said: "He got a good deal of ribbing about his accidental ace."

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    Great story. At 74, he's probably thrilled to get a hole-in-one any way he can.

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    Thought we were about to get a DJ Pat special

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