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    Candidate for the dead pool?

    I seems now only a matter of time before the early demise of Gazza.
    It seems he wont take help of any kind and the end can not be too far ahead.
    A likeable man by all accounts and with a talent for playing football that few have possessed.

    I hope that he gets help but I fear that it is to late.
    What a waste

    Paul Gascoigne turns his back on his family

    Paul Gascoigne has turned his back on his family, refusing all help from his concerned parents and siblings, it has been reported.

    By Chris Irvine
    Last Updated: 5:55PM BST 26 Sep 2008

    Paul Gascoigne has already been sectioned twice this year in February and June, and has refused his father's plea to enter rehab Photo: REUTERS

    Friends of the former England football star have said they are alarmed he prefers the company of drug pushers and hangers-on rather than those most concerned about him, his father John, 62, mother Carol, 65, brother Carl, 40, and sisters Anna Marie, 42, and Lindsay, 35.
    Police in Northumbria have said they had been inundated with phone calls about the troubled midfielder and rumours that he had died, although he was spotted in Newcastle yesterday.
    He was recently pictured buying vodka at 10am after trying to get inside his local pub.
    Last week he was arrested and held on suspicion of causing criminal damage.
    A friend told the Mirror that Gascoigne has been taunting his family about his plans to spend all his money so they get none.
    The friend said: "He's at his lowest ebb and needs to stop drinking. But he's turned his back on the people who love him.
    "Now there's only one man who can help Paul Gascoigne - himself."
    He has already been sectioned twice this year in February and June, and has refused his father's plea to enter rehab.
    The friend added: "He's like he was before he was first sectioned.
    "He's told his family he wants to blow all his money so they cannot get it.
    "Drug dealers are like vultures and keep giving him more, no matter what state he is in. It's a depressing sight."

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    Its a shame but I dont feel sorry for him. They say that the line between genius and madness is very thin, I dont think he was a genius but hes definitely walking the line as if he was.

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