I thought it was a bit fucking silly when the Tour de France whizzed around England, but given the history of Norman the Conqueror and all, plus their close proximity, I can sort of understand it.

But surely this is beyond a fucking joke.

Giro D’Italia 2018 starts in Jerusalem! Giro D’Italia is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race which is considered as the world’s second largest riding event, right after the prestigious Tour de France. This is the first time ever that Giro D’Italia race will start outside of European territory.
The race will be held on May 4, starting at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem, King David Street. The length of the race route is about 10 kilometers and riders will race while riding through Machane Yehuda market, The First Station, Jerusalem Cinemateque and more. The riders will then continue to Haifa & Tel Aviv, and eventually will be back in Italy, finishing the race at the Vatican.
I'm guessing the old blue suede shoes are putting up the money.

How very fucking farcical.