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    Just When You Thought Soccer Couldn't Get Any Lamer

    I know the title of this thread is a bit 'controversial' but check out what 'Beks' is up to now! Playing for the LA Galixies or some such - they might as well be called the LA "Herballifes"!

    Poor Posh...can't even crack a smile when hubby scores.

    And the crowd roars!

    No wonder it's been referred to as a "sport so dull it makes checkers look like a mixed martial arts death match"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boon Mee View Post
    Poor Posh...can't even crack a smile when hubby scores.

    Fcuk me. I've seen healthier looking skeletons than that.

    I'd be afraid of snapping it in half if I shagged it

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