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    Thai tennis player implicated in betting gets 18-month ban - ITF/TIU

    LONDON - Jatuporn Na Lamphun has been banned from tennis for 18 months and fined after being found guilty of offences under the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, the London-based Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) said Wednesday.

    Jatuporn, 22, is unranked, but is considered an up-and-coming, possible tennis star.

    He admitted to three offences of betting on tennis matches between July and November, 2014, and was found guilty of a further offence of failing to cooperate with the TIU investigation.

    Jatuporn has never held a ranking and his 3,400 ($5,000, about 173,000 baht) fine is considerably greater than his reported career earnings of 476 (24,200 baht).

    The initial ban imposed was six months but independent anti-corruption hearing officer Ian Mill, a senior English lawyer, extended the ban after.....

    Jatuporn Na Lamphun banned from tennis, fined for betting | Bangkok Post: news

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Mann
    considerably greater than his reported career earnings of 476 (24,20
    So he's like.... really really good then................... 55555555555

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    ^ Probably one of the top 500 players on the planet i.e. a one in 10 million ability player, but unlike in football where he'd be earning a fortune with that level of ability, in tennis anyone outside the top 100 in the world will struggle to cover much more than their airfares and living expenses with their winnings.

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    I've won more than him at tennis

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    What's your ranking, Dill, or was that just gambling?...

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