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    Andrew Flintoff admits England cheated in 2005 Ashes

    Andrew Flintoff admits England cheated in 2005 Ashes by using substitute fielders

    FORMER England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff has admitted his side cheated during the 2005 Ashes.

    Speaking on Channel 10’s The Project, Flintoff said England’s use of substitute fielders during that series went against the rules and spirit of cricket.

    “Remember in 2005 when you got that guy who was a gun fielder and he ran Ricky Ponting out? That was cheating, wasn’t it?” asked co-host Waleed Aly.
    “Yeah. Yeah of course it was,” said Flintoff.

    While the comment was met with laughter, Flintoff did not appear to be joking.
    His remark refers to the work of England substitute Gary Pratt who, while fielding at cover in the fourth Test at Trent Bridge, ran Ricky Ponting out with a direct hit after Damien Martyn called him through for a quick single.

    Ponting was furious Pratt was on the field, and made his anger clear to England coach Duncan Fletcher as he walked off the ground. Fletcher, who was watching on from the dressing room balcony, appeared to smirk at Ponting as he made his way to the pavilion, and the Australian captain let fly with some choice words.

    Australia went on to lose that Test and ultimately the series, 2-1.

    Ponting’s discontent was fuelled by Australia’s belief that Pratt was not acting as a substitute fielder because one of the England players was off injured, but rather, he was only on to give one of their fast bowlers a rest.

    Australia held this gripe for the entire tour, believing England was, illegally, using the best available fielders from county cricket as a tactic so their bowlers could leave the field to freshen up.

    read more Andrew Flintoff says England cheated in the 2005 Ashes series

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    Obvious sarcasm in response to a loaded sour grapes question.

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