He came with a promise to restore the value of an England shirt and a team we could be proud of.
I thought he would take a long hard look at what he has failed to achieve and do the honourable thing and resign. He now says he will not quit, but await the outcome of the review. A review that seems to be all too narrow in scope.

Stuart Lancaster will not quit as England head coach - Telegraph

SirClive Woodward has already submitted his application to restore English Rugby.

Review into England's Rugby World Cup disappointment can't involve players... and RFU bosses aren't qualified to judge, either | Daily Mail Online

Austin Healy has similar ideas, including Steve Diamond as the next head coach.

Rugby World Cup 2015: England should appoint Clive Woodward and Steve Diamond - we need some more ego - Telegraph

A decent Sky Sports article on Lacasters options and a suggestion that he might do the honourable thing.

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Whatever the limited Ritchie review decides, the media seem to have made up their minds already. With recent revelations about disunity in the squad and all his coaching staff under the microscope, for all the wrong reasons, I am inclined to agree with the media on this one.