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    Belgian rugby team playing in the country's top division has won a game 356-3.

    The match saw Royal Kituro run in 56 tries and 38 conversions to Soignies' lone drop-goal - which equates to more than four points a minute on average.

    The problems began for Soignies in the run-up to the game when the referee failed to turn up on time.The away team's coach and most of the players then left, assuming the game was off.

    However the referee did eventually appear, more than an hour after the scheduled kick-off, and the game went ahead - but with only 16 Soignies players available.

    Soignies president Guy Calomme described the result as "catastrophic", while a Kituro spokeswoman said Soignies "didn't really play".

    Footage of the game shows the away team allowing the opposition to run past them uncontested and repeatedly touch down under the posts.

    The away team were effectively forced to play and gain the 'loser's point', rather than forfeit the match and earn no points at all.

    And despite Royal Kituro's hammering of Soignies, the losers still sit above the Kituro in the league by one point.Soignies occupy third place in the table, although they now have a points difference of minus 264.

    Belgian rugby club record 356-3 win - BBC Sport

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    Stupid really - they would have been better to not play at all losing the losers point because when it gets to the business end of the season minus 264 points different in the league might come back to haunt them.

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