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    Jermaine Defoe And MLS Football

    More evidence, if any were needed, that it's still a weak league, and there's only one reason why players go there to play....

    Defoe left in limbo at Toronto with a small fortune and big regrets

    When Jermain Defoe signed a highly lucrative deal at Toronto FC I questioned whether all the money on offer had blurred his priorities, bearing in mind anyone who knew how Roy Hodgson operated realised it would almost certainly end his chances of playing in the World Cup.

    To say it was received badly in Toronto would be an understatement. Darren O’Dea, their former captain, said it showed a lack of understanding of Major League Soccer and the Toronto Sun produced a double-page spread – Got it wrong, Eurosnob! – in which their columnist Kurtis Larson seemed extremely put out that I had not made more of their other players. “There’s nothing about Gilberto, Dwayne De Rosario or Michael Bradley,” he noted. “With that in mind, there was never a chance he would mention Justin Morrow or Jackson.” And he was right. I didn’t mention either Morrow or Jackson.

    Toronto’s perennial struggles since their formation in 2006 had prompted so much ridicule that one of their own journalists wrote that the FC must stand for “Futility Club”. This season there has been an improvement but not enough to stop their coach, Ryan Nelsen, being sacked last week and Defoe spent transfer deadline day in England hoping his new employers would accept one of several bids that came in, with QPR and Leicester City particularly keen.

    Toronto refused to let it happen and now Defoe is stuck in a league where he no longer wants to be, barely eight months after arriving. Toronto insist he remains “100% committed” even though Tony Fernandes, the QPR chairman, has confirmed Defoe wanted the deal to happen. In January, he will push again for a move. The Toronto Sun is blaming the English media for cooking it all up (even though the first reports of Defoe’s unhappiness came in The Canadian Press) and it is never a good look when journalists insist on holding pompoms.

    “To be clear, Major League Soccer isn’t close to being on par with the Premier League,” Larson wrote. “We don’t need to be reminded.” So we got there in the end. Defoe went for the money, to an inferior league, and has made a small fortune out of it. Hodgson has never been to see him and never will. But we knew that in January. “Without doubt, the lowest point of my career,” Defoe said after being left out of the World Cup.
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    I don't understand the point you are trying to make.
    No one on earth considers MLS to be a major league.....

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