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Thread: Cameron Smith.

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    6ft from the telly

    Cameron Smith.

    Cameron would have to be rated amongst best rugby league players of all time and after retirement should be a strong contender to be named an immortal.

    Captain of Melbourne Storm.

    Captain of Queensland.

    Captain of Australia.

    Winner of,

    NRL premierships

    Record number of State of Origins

    World Club Challenge


    Club Best and Fairest

    Dally M medal

    World Footballer of the Year.

    A fairly impressive CV and A career that would be hard to rival by any.
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    Great player, not sure he will be an immortal but time will tell

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    All good and valid points Crocman, add to this his Golden Boot + the amount of MoM awards he picks up and your argument becomes concrete. If you were starting a new club Smith would be the first pick to build a team around which is what even Bennett said something along the lines of during a rare interview this season. For my money he's the best player in the NRL which is no small feat when you've got guys like JT, GI, Cronk, and Slater all running around in brilliant form.

    BUT... Look at how Joey *pass the E's* Johns beat Lockyer for the last immortal induction then compare their CV's and you wouldn't want to bet on Smith being the next, even though he should be.

    On a side note I was lucky enough to know 2 immortals quite well some time ago, Langlands and Beetson. Changa had a stake in a Manila hotel I use to stay at and Big Artie (RIP) would come up often for a visit. Get those 2 in a room together with the piss flowing and the war stories would have anyone holding their sides .

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    Quote Originally Posted by crocman
    after retirement should be a strong contender to be named an immortal.
    Very strong- as far as I'm concerned, he already is. And i ain't a banana bender.

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    Cameron Smith!!! CHAMPION.

    And congratulations , to the new Rugby League World Cup champions.


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