Great sport all week long already, including the showdown of all of the best time trialers of this generation, Martin, Wiggins, and Cancellara. Martin won convincingly for the third time back to back, and worth seeing how Wiggins pulled back Cancellara's advantage and won silver by a mere two seconds.

Tomorrow evening is the biggest event, the elite mens road race. On Eurosport from 15:00 Bangkok time, seven hours long. No commercial breaks for this event allowed on TV.

Last night the men's U23 road race was a joy to watch. It's strange that it's called world championship because the best young men who already are with the pro teams like Sky can't take part, it's more an amateur race. Last year's junior (U18) road champion Matej Mohoric won, again. Was almost pulled back on the final climb, but opened a huge gap on the descent in his unique riding style. This kid has no fear, one to watch out for in the next years.