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    Fishing in the edge of Ponds and Lakes

    I love fishing close to the edges in local ponds or fishing parks.Everyone seems to want to cast into the middle or over to the far bank but what they don't realise is quite often the fish are under your rod tip.All you have to do is throw in a little bit of ground bait ,sit out of view under the shy-line,be quiet and just wait for the fish to come to you

    Below is a photo of just how close I fish to the bank,sometimes in only a few feet of water if the water is coloured

    After a short wait at a local fishing park the float slides under and after a fierce Battle I'm soon sliding the net under a Pla Jaramet ( Pacu ).These fish have a full set of teeth and can easily bite through you light.If I'm fishing solely for them I use a light wire hook-length but if played lightly they can be landed on a light line set-up'

    After another handful of ground-bait and a short wait and the float is sliding away again,this time a Pla Kra Di ( Gourami ) ,followed by another slightly bigger .BTW Gourami don't have teeth but the do have rough pads on their lips so your hook-length should be checked after each capture .

    I like to use a small float with just enough split-shot about a foot from the hook to cock the float,all the fish shown on this post were caught with Farmhouse Bread brought from the local 7/17 with 6 LBS line,Size 6 hook and a 12 foot float rod brought from the UK.

    Here's a Pla Yissok ( Ruhu ) to finish off a nice few hours fishing

    So the next time your out fishing try finding a quiet corner ,throw in some ground-bait close to edge and see if you can be as lucky as me !! ;D
    Big Ol' Lucky Ol' Al.

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    Nice action - do you eat the fish?

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