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Thread: Wigan Athletic

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    Wigan Athletic

    I'm currently watching the Everton V Wigan FA Cup Quarter Final, with Wigan leading 3-0, which belies their current respective league positions.

    A couple of remarks by the commentators led me to look at a couple of facts, and principally that Wigan have only been in the Football League since 1978 (lower leagues before, but only back to 1930's).

    What really struck me, particularly in the environment of 'toys for boys' and the sad examples of Chelsea and Manchester City, the devotion and patronage of Dave Whelan at Wigan since the early '90's.

    20 odd years of unsung effort, astuteness, and ownership skill in creating a club which whilst might not challenge for the highest honours, the Premier League would be a much poorer club for.

    Equally, he's done it whilst always retaining the respect of his managers, players, and supporters. A true gentleman who's loyalty is an example to any organisation, associated with football or not.

    If anybody deserved a knighthood for services to sport, it's Dave Whelan.

    I'm a Man United supporter by the way.........

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    Wigan Athletic didn't gain entry into the Football League until the 1978-79 season

    Sir Bobby Charlton was once Wigan's Manager

    Wigan Athletic are the only team to NOT be relegated from the top flight in England

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