The 10 km women's freestyle race had a wildcard entry, Biathlete Miriam Goessner. It's a related sport of course, but crossovers are rare, and occured so far only in the relays, not individual races of World Championships. There has always been speculation what would happen if the superstars of both sports raced against each other, like Neuner vs Bjoergen, and Svendsen vs Northug. Never materialized.

Goessner started in the Biathlon World championships earlier this month and was even a favourite after she won three Worldcup races earlier in the season. As usual, she didn't hit a thing with her rifle, no medals.

She finished fourth today, only half a second out of the medals. I'm still shaking my fists at the injustice. Anyway, a Biathlete better than all but three elite cross-country skiers of the whole world, that's extraordinary.