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    Kick Boxing can cause brain damage

    From the stating of the obvious newsroom we have the above article on the BBC website.
    I would never have believed that regular kicks to the head would cause brain damage.

    "But kickboxers say they are unaware of such injuries. "
    Well obvioulsy the damage has already started

    And like all of these wonderful scientific studies the study was carried out on a magnificient sample of 22

    BBC NEWS | Health | Kickboxing 'causes brain damage'

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    17-12-2010 @ 12:06 PM
    They should ask Muhammad Ali if blows to the head can harm the brain, and if he comprehends the question we'll accept the answer to be a resounding no.

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    Does explain a lot about Thailand really:

    #1 National sport - Being kicked in the head.
    #2 National sport - A form of volleyball which results in frequent landing on the head.
    #3 National sport - Standing out in a rice field while the sun beats down on the head.
    #4 National sport - Riding a motorbike with no protection for the head (probably unnecessary given #1, #2 & #3)

    Does anyone notice a trend?
    You, sir, are a God among men....
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    More like dwarves with learning disabilities....
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    Ali never took that many to the head, damn few in fact.
    But fighting can surely cause it if you let someone kick you in the head, even bar fights can cause a lot of damage if you lay down and let some dude put the boots to you.

    I don't think that parkinsons disease is caused by blows to the head, my grandpa was getting that when he died.
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    Perhaps Dj Pat can give us some more info on this claim.

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