Steely Competitors Slam to Arm Wrestling Titles

A Latvian strong man won two arm wrestling titles in different divisions at an arm-wrestling contest held at the Royal Garden Plaza. Although the sport is well known, few arm wrestling competitions exist in Thailand. Winners won 50,000 THB cash and other prizes.

– September 29, 2012 [PDN]: at 6 p.m., a spirited arm wrestling competition was held at Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya shopping center, Chonburi. Participants competed in three weight classes for a chance at 50,000 THB cash, winner’s trophies, and gift certificates. The contest attracted both Thai and foreign competitors.

Latvia native Mr. Arthur Dorohos won both the 75-85 kg and the 85-95 kg weight divisions. Winning the under-75 kg division was Mr. Suthiwas Kohsamut.

Shopping center general manager Mr.Somporn Narksuetrong was the chairman to open the 9th International contest, to find strong men who have power and the strength to win. The 9th annual contest was held at the Royal Garden Plaza to promote the sport of arm wrestling. There are only a few official arm wrestling contests in Thailand, despite the universal popularity of the sport

Mr. Somporn said the shopping center is happy to provide a venue for the annual competition, which is conducted at the international standard level in both the rules and criteria. The contest was certified by the Thailand Bodybuilding Association, and will also be included as part of the Thailand arm wrestling association.