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    Bringing PS2 games and pirated movies back to the US

    Just wondering how to do it. I've got about 100 movies and 30-40 PS2 games. Should I mail them home? Hide them in my suitcase? Because if customs opens my suitcase and finds all this pirated shit in there, they're not going to be happy.

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    make sure you go through customs just after some young male muslim guys.

    100% the customs will have no interest in searching your bag

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    Open a ftp space in cyberspace & port your stuff over there. Download when you get home.

    Alternative, have a portable hard-disk with bags of space. Write-protect & hide, with a small dummy show-&-tell front end.

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    Don't take the bloody boxes back with you.

    Buy a couple of soft CD cases, stick them in your big bag of luggage no problem.

    Buy an A4 case and stick the sleeves in there if you must take them

    Don't carry them on as they might take them for their own use.

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    never been an issue for me, but yes get rid of the boxes (if u havent already) waste of space IMO

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