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    Alternatives to True

    Probably been asked before, but....

    I'm looking for a package/company that has the BBC world TV programmes channel (forget its name, not the news), the complete National Geographic and Fox TV stations.

    True seems to only offer some or none of these.

    Is there an alternative provider available in Bangkok please? Any suggestions...? Even the True Platinum package is crippled by its omissions.

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    Can't help you on the BBC entertainment channel - but this Happy home cable group have 50-60 channels including Australia BBC FOX news & heaps of movie & music channels.

    Cheap too at about 180 baht a month. Connect as many TV's to it as you want for no extra charge.

    I see them advertising as city wide now.
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    While this package does not specifically address SD's question about BBC Entertainment, Fox and the complete National Geographic channel package I have found an alternative to True Visions that meets the needs of me and my family. We purchased the VSTV package from Satthai TV . I can not post their link here but a Google search will give you that. I purchased the Premium package and receive 31 channels in English with HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, Turner Classic Movies, MGM Channel, Goal TV 1 & 2, Eurosport News, Eurosport, Star Sports, Espn, AXN, Star World, Hallmark, Australia Network, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Travel and Living being a few of the channels offered. We had three bedrooms upstairs and the family room downstairs wired for the satellite and with the purchase of one receiver and a one year subscription card for the premium package the total cost was 23,000 baht. There are a couple of issues with VSTV. There is no program guide so you don't know the start/stop times of the program or the name of the movie, etc and the subtitles are all in Vietnamese. The upside is that a one year subscription for the premium package is 8,400 baht per year, the picture quality is outstanding, there are plenty of channels, Satthai's customer support is superb. The premium package also offers an additional 40 channels but as my understanding of Vietnamese and Chinese is none I have blocked those channels. In the 5 plus weeks that I have had the system I have experience loss of signal due to weather conditions only three or four times and for no more than 15 or 20 seconds at a time. Satthai's telephone number is 02-438-9070. They speak Thai only. Australia Network and Eurosport have a lot of Rugby and Australia Network shows a lot of Aussie football on the weekends. We live in the Bangkok area and the reception, picture quality, customer support and IMO channel selection far exceed that I had with True Visions.

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