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    Rock Band etc for games consoles

    I would really recommend Rock Band and other such console games - Guitar Hero World Tour etc to those of you with older/teenage kids.

    Since buying Rock Band in December for our Xbox 360 (complete with the mic, guitar and drums controller for S$199) we have been playing for a few days each week and actually interacting together which seemed an impossible dream prior to getting the game.

    My family group includes my 19 yr old step daughter, my 13 year old son and my 10 yr old daughter and we are all really into it.
    My wife usually goes out to her mothers place while we are playing.......

    Ok it may be the reason that our neighbours are selling their apartment but I reckon thats just collateral damage.

    For me I reckon its well worth the initial outlay in $ and you can educate your kids in the ways of 'old music' too.

    Hearing my 10 year old daughter wandering around the house singing Black Sabbath songs is kind of surreal!

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