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    anyone using online calls from website?

    Dont know if right category. Before I pay I would like to know if anyone using online calls without installing any software on computer like on ? Isnt it an innovation in voip that it is possible to call online straight from the browser? cheap calls to India, USA, UK or anywhere. Moreover friend told me quality is very good and prices are one of the best on market. No connection fee and no other hidden prices.
    Some of the sample prices in Euro are below:
    Connection fee: None (Yahoo Voice: 0,02; Skype: 0,05)
    Call India Mobile: 0.03 (Yahoo Voice: 0.05; Skype: 0.08)
    Call Poland Mobile: 0,09 (Yahoo Voice: 0,15; Skype: 0,023)
    Call Turkey Mobile: 0,08 (Yahoo Voice: 0,11; Skype: 0,15)
    Call Vietnam 0,06 (Yahoo Voice: 0,14; Skype: 0,31)

    i've heard webphone like this can pass firewalls or other restrictions like voip blockage? it would be perfect for my travels.

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    I've never used Yahoo Voice... I prefer Skype as the connection quality is good in most locales...

    In case this is an advertisement, then have a bit of SPAM on me...

    or the original

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    I only use Skype anymore as it seemsd better and cheaper than iconnecthere that I used for years as Skype has a Canada/US with my own number/voice mail in the states for $30 a year unlimited time. Landline or Mobil.
    Used to have UK and Mexico but wifey cousin no longer married to a limey and my pard in Mexico died, so dropped those countrys.
    But I use it damn near daily and am real happy with it.

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    Skype good for me also. Unlimited Video calls for free if receiver also has skype online account.

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