Spider-Man 4: Kirsten Dunst Written Off? Hathaway In?

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The unexpendable behind-the-scenes drama concerning Spider-Man 4 continues to flow. We, in turn, will be happy to continue jumping on it, grain of salt and all, as a needed dose of "food for non-thought." This time, it may involved one factor we once thought was certain: Kirsten Dunst.

Of course, we have known for some time, that after some back-and-forth swaying, star of Spider-Man's 1-3, Kirsten Dunst was confirmed to reprise her role as Spidey's love, Mary Jane Watson. However, according to what another "insider" source told Star Magazine, her return to the franchise may be short-lived. Apparently, the plan is to write the character out of the film franchise completely. Whose fault could this be? Apparently, Anne Hathaway! (omg, Bride Wars 2: Electric Boogaloo!)

The rumored involvement of Anne Hathaway put her as either classic villain/sometime romance, The Black Cat, or a completely new character in The Vulturess. The only thing consistent with those rumors, was the idea of her character being a love interest to Spidey, in addition to being a villain of sorts. She will not, however, be the film's primary villain. (Think "New Goblin"...with benefits.) According to the source:

"The plan is for her character to be written out, probably by dying. Anne will take over as Peter Parker's new love interest for this project and for Spider-Man 5 and 6 which are being written now. Anne's in L.A. doing a lot of meetings on the movie, because filming is right around the corner."
Okay...let's forget the notion that the Spider-Man 4 production has hit some pretty huge creative roadblocks that were rumored to have halted production altogether. (In addition to Sam Raimi and the studio hating each others' guts.) Let's also forget the fact that the entire Spider-Man franchise will more than likely REBOOT after part 4 is said and done, seeing as Tobey Maguire cannot possibly keep playing this role forever.
Now then, are we to believe that Kirsten Dunst, after a seemingly lukewarm attitude while promoting Spider-Man 3, would come back for some brief, flat role where she plays a pseudo-Gwen Stacy martyr? Even if she happened to be head-over-heels for the film series, why would she come back just to have her character jobbed? It's like some kind of reverse Denise Crosby. (Look it up, non-Trekkies.)
Source: StarPulse

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