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    What headphones do you use?

    I am not an hifi-buff/audiophile but I like good quality sound when listening on the move and I don't want to look like total knob-head with gigantic cans on my ears on the train.

    I was looking at prices and a lot of the decent ones cost more than I paid for my modest iRiver T6 MP3.

    The in-ear sealed ones look good but surely those earpluggy bits must get a bit manky with earwax pretty quickly.

    Anyway I got to thinking I love the sound from my old Sony headphones which I used to buy years ago and which I still have a couple of pairs of which still work but are very old and one pair has now failed in one ear so I am waiting for the other pair to go.

    Anyway I thought I would google the model number MDR W08L just out of curiosity to see what became of them and amazingly 10 years after I bought them they are still on sale and to make it better they are dirt cheap now like $10 (they were more like $35 when I bought them years ago but have been relegated by newer tech). These phones sound great to me - like 100 times better than the junk phones that come free with an MP3 player. They sit over the head and inside the ear and seem to give great bass due to the way they fit in the ear.

    So glad to see they are still around and now totally cheap.

    Here is an American doing a review of the dubya 08's and holding them up to his PC mic so you can hear how good they sound

    Sony MDR-W08L Headphones review by imaginepower, consumer reports & videos

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    If I'm doing some serious music production, I have a pair of AKG K240DF studio monitors. For portability, I had a pair of noise cancelling foldups that were in a sale in the local camping shop. These unfortunately broke and so I am in the market again. Just checked out that link and those Sony things look just the job. I will let you know how I get on. Cheers.

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    I'm using some Jabra BT3030 blue tooth head phones. I got fed up of wires and these can pair with my ps3 as well so I can chat to the guys that I'm shooting online.

    I do like those Bose noise canceling ones but they're a bit pricey.

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    Ive got a pair of Sennheiser HD205 which are a bit DJ, they seem to draw more stares than a little when I wear them so Im after a pair of inner ear ones, Shure seem to be OK.

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    I've managed to break 2 different sets of Shure E500PTH earphones. They cost a small fortune but sound fantastic, just a shame they don't make them a little sturdier.
    They are repairable though, i just have to get off my arse sometime and actually send them back to be fixed.

    After i broke the last pair i bought some Klipsch Custom 3's which are a little cheaper but still rather expensive. Not quite as good as the Shures and a little harder to get them to fit properly. These in-ear monitors need to make a good seal inside your ear or they sound shit.

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