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    I am looking forward to this: Official Avatar Movie site | In Cinemas December 18th Worldwide

    I wonder if any cinemas in Thailand will have the upgraded projection systems to show it though? (Plus they'll probably fcuk it up with Thai subtitles which will screw with the 3D effect )

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    Not to mention the bootleg camcorder'd DVDs that will miss the entire point of the film.

    I have now doubt that this decade's James Cameron helmed love story will be flawless and impeccably produced and directed, as all of his movies. I am really looking forward to it. Cameron is one of those directors who simply can't fail, as he is a real filmmaker. There's a second movie using the same technologies being produced at the same time, called 'Battle Angel', being readied for 2011.

    Battle Angel (2011)

    "Set in the 26th century, the story takes place 300 years after a societal collapse caused by a major war. In that society, it's a technological dark age following a pinnacle of achievement far beyond where we are right now. Cyborg technology is a way of life. People are augmented a lot as workers, so being a cyborg is not unusual. The main character is a cyborg. She has an organic human brain, and she looks like she's about fourteen years old. She has a completely artificial body and she's lost her memory. She is found in a wreckage and reconstituted by a cyber-surgeon who becomes her surrogate father."

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