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    Tutti Frutti to be released on DVD

    I downloaded what I guess was a rip from VHS some time back. The sound and action were well out of sync.

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    BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Tutti Frutti on DVD at long last

    Tutti Frutti on DVD at long last
    Tutti Frutti told the story of a group of aging rockers called the Majestics

    Cult TV series Tutti Frutti is being released on DVD on Monday, for the first time since it was made in 1987.
    Fans of the show - which starred Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson and Richard Wilson - have lobbied for its release.
    The release was delayed by a contractual problem with the original music that has now been cleared up.

    The original six part series, written by John Byrne, told the story of the Majestics, an ageing Scottish rock band on one last tour of the country.
    It is credited with launching the careers of Emma Thomson and Robbie Coltrane as well as providing cult roles for Richard Wilson, Stuart McGugan and Maurice Reeves.
    The series was repeated just once on BBC One, less than a year after its original screening on BBC Two.

    'Laughed and laughed'
    Since then fans have lobbied for a DVD release, and two six hour screenings at a Glasgow cinema - which sold out - proved there was continuing interest in the show. A stage production two years ago led to further requests.

    Looking back on the series, Robbie Coltrane said he knew it would be a winner.
    He said: "There's only two scripts I've ever had that I actually laughed out loud, I just had to read them all right through.

    "They all arrived in a lump with writing all over them saying 'this will change' and 'this will be funnier' and 'this will be that' because it was a work in progress, but I just laughed and laughed and laughed because it was just so funny."

    John Byrne's script went on to win a clutch of awards but problems with the music copyright in the opening titles prevented an earlier release.

    He has dismissed the show's black comedy label given by some, saying it was "just life".
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