There seems to be a subculture in the torrent world to create special DVD releases of movie classics, like Blade Runner, DUNE, CE3K

basically, die hard fans re-master a DVD using deleted scenes and sounds from different version of the movies, mixing the Director's cut with the Theatrical releases

the end result can be surprising, from changing completely the tone of the film (Blade Runner) to making it more bearable for a modern viewing (DUNE). Some fans went as far as replacing some of dialogues, or adding scenes of their own (StarWars) or throw away scenes from the studio itself (some fans are editors and have access to a bigger library).

so far I have tried CE3K that was renamed CE5K (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind), a few scenes were added, making the movie lasting almost 3 hours, patching holes in the story, and using different color corrections. I might try DUNE, and then maybe Blade Runner, even though I am quite happy with the Final Cut version in HD.

Maybe some chance to have a new season of BSG ?

here is a site to start for anyone interested in that kind of things.

Blade Runner Nexis 6 version

From Event Horizon to Killer Horizon

Jericho Cane