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    The Contender

    I find this programme rather disturbing. Do you?
    I know many of you like the UFC and I too watch that from time to time and agree that many take a serious beating but it is The Contender programme that really leaves me feeling uncomfortable.
    I think it is because in this programme they come across as real people as opposed to just a couple of fighters up there on the screen.
    You get to hear their dreams and ambitions, you here them talk about their families and you also get to see their families, children included, watching them fight.
    Invariably the contenders are from poor families and this is their shot at the big time. Often they sound as if this is thereone chance to provide for their families.

    The other day i was watching two fighters going at it hammer and tongs for a couple of rounds with the crowd whooping and hollering, one of the wifes screaming all sorts of support for her husband and then the camera panning to one of the children who looked completely aghast at the pummeling his father was taking. He did not seem consoled by one man telling him "Don't worry your father is winning "
    Winning what ?

    I admit I had to turn over.

    I am not like this when I watch a championship bout.

    Perhaps it is too real or less personal

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    ^ caint say i feel the same, but i hear what you are saying.

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