I never saw this programme when it was first aired but have been watching it on BBC Entertainment now that I have it installed.
I find it quite amusing to watch.
Obviously a certain amount of luck in addition to some knowledge of trivia is required in order to win the money and that it is not always the one who answers most questins correctly who wins. Overall the concept of the game is a good one in my view giving most particiapnats a chance to win

What strikes me though is the tone of those who lose out.
Even if they answer zero questions correctly they are quick to state that they should have won the money and that the other competitors are all muppets etc.
It is rare indeed to hear someone say that they were stupid, wouldn't have answered a question correctly had they gone on all night, deserved to be voted off and that so an so is really the smartest amongst the group and deserves to win the money

Does anyone know if these were really "real' comments and that the contestants were not encouraged by the producers to come out with this stuff simply to enliven the show?

If not then we humans are really not very nice people at all