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    Glen Quagmire

    Is Quagmire the funniest man on the planet? I believe so.

    For anybody not familiar with him, he is a character from the TV show Family Guy, which is funny in itself, but every time this guy shows his face you are sure to almost piss yourself laughing.

    He is an airline pilot & something of a sex-case, fond of date-rape, prostitutes & all manner of deviant behavior, but he does it so well you can't help but admire him.

    I have knocked up a few clips of some of his best moments.

    Quagmire rapes Marge Simpson then kills the entire Simpson family

    Quagmire wants to shag a dead hooker but displays uncharacteristic restraint


    Typical Quagmire

    The best of Quagmire


    Quagmire & the fat chick


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    Family Guy is just fucking funny,

    They have had some complaints about Ollie Williams and the Blacu Weather Forecast though.

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    Well done Clockwork Orange. I can't believe that I missed Family Guy. Still chuckling to myself. Must check out some DVD's.

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