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    Gaming addiction is now officially classified as a mental disorder

    Gaming hadn't been around for long before the first reports of addiction.
    In the early 1980s, soon after the release of the first commercial video games, it was known as
    'Space Invaders obsession' and 'computer catatonia'.

    But whatever your mum might have told you, most psychologists didn't agree.

    That may have now changed. Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced 'gaming disorder'
    will appear in an update of the International Classification of Diseases, aka the big book of diseases.

    The list helps decide what is a medical condition that can be diagnosed and treated, and what's just really liking Everquest.

    This update was published today, meaning gaming addiction is now officially classified as a mental disorder.

    The WHO's announcement has been praised and criticised by different psychologists and researchers working in gaming addiction.
    At the heart of the criticism is the fear that naming gaming addiction as a clinically recognisable syndrome will stigmatise
    gaming even further and create an unhelpful 'moral panic'.

    This could lead to parents rushing their 'gaming youth' to therapy, when really Fortnite is okay.

    Sceptics say it could also lead to overdiagnosis of 'gaming addiction' and this could mask the true problems, including
    anxiety and depression, so they go untreated.

    Countering this is the growing evidence that compulsive gaming can light up your brain with dopamine in a similar way to drug addiction.

    Game developers are getting better and better at exploiting psychological hooks to keep people playing.
    As we reported last year, they've become so successful the gambling industry has taken notice, and the line between
    gambling and gaming has begun to blur.

    For those who say they have been addicted to games, and still are, the WHO's announcement is belated recognition of what they've been through.

    About 10 years ago, shortly after he had graduated from high school, Jaron fell into the depths of a "gaming obsession".
    He says he barely left his bedroom in his parents' house for two years and played Call of Duty and World of Warcraft every waking hour.

    Gaming addiction is now officially classified as a mental disorder - Hack - triple j

    I don't play games, the real world is much more interesting

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    My Son rang yesterday with a big emergency in my house in Oz. My immediate attention was required. The internet was down.

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    I was disordered mentally before I started gaming on a computer

    And now I can explain to you the migration of valence electrons at a Pnp junction while choking them with an analog current

    And I am diamond on pubgm

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    Whoever thinks gaming leads to mental disorders needs a 7-slash uppercut combo strike to their head. Preferably with the Sword of Ashkeron once
    owned by Kilgarth, the Demon Witch-King of the Shadowlands.

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    My Son rang yesterday with a big emergency in my house in Oz. My immediate attention was required. The internet was down.
    My lot wouldn't know how to make a phone call if the internet is down.

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    Posting on forums is another mental disorder

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