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    Free TV for your PC and Android Box

    Here's a site for watching Free Thai TV, World Sports and some English language Channels.

    I've found it works very well on Google chrome but should work on other Browsers too. Its only SD but some Channels are better quality than others.

    Go to you Browser and click on this link ....HERE and the link pictured below will open . ( but it will be in Thai )

    You can also use this site on Android Boxes .If you open this up on an Android Box using the Google Chrome Browser you will get an option at the bottom of the page to Translate the page into English ( not sure about all Boxes ) But if your page doesn't translate you can see from the photo you have Options of Digital TV , Sports , Foreign Sport , a Movie ( movie CH's ) , Documentary , Variety , Cartoons, Music , News Items and VOD

    On Android Boxes Click on the Channels icon you want to watch and then click the Play icon of the Flash Player, to go full screen click on the 2 back to back Triangular icons .You may have to wait 15-20 seconds for the page/flash player to load ! Obliviously a lot faster on a PC's Browser

    On an Android box using Google Chrome Broswer, if you click on the 3 Dots on the right of the Google Tool Bar a Dropbox will appear, click on 'Add to Home screen' ( as the picture below ) then another box will appear and just click OK to make a Home screen icon .

    Now you will have a '' icon to go to the site direct ( it will be in Thai )

    If you go to VOD , there you can find some Special Videos , No sure if there is any Gay Porn for Dillinger though ........ Enjoy
    Big Ol' Lucky Ol' Al.

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