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    the Decline of the Film Industry

    I did a search for a thread that existed on this topic, that also noted the rise of TV shows. Couldn't find it.

    More evidence of what we've known.

    Summer Box-Office Slump: Revenue Down a Steep 22 Percent
    6:00 AM PDT 6/13/2016 by Pamela McClintock

    This past weekend was down more than 44 percent from the comparable weekend in 2015, when 'Jurassic World' roared to a record $208.8 million opening, making for a particularly stark comparison; Hollywood is banking on a fish named Dory and other tentpoles waiting in the wings to close the gap.
    The early summer box office in North America has developed a case of the blues, with revenue down sharply over last year.

    Summer Box-Office Slump: Revenue Down a Steep 22 Percent - Hollywood Reporter

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    They've run out of stupid zombie plots?

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    Apparently that Warcraft shit only took $25 million in the US and Canada in its opening weekend, but $156 million in China.

    So I guess they're just going to start making a rake of Chinky action pics now.

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