YouTube partnering with top content creators on feature films

Los Angeles - YouTube is cranking up its production of its own feature films, with five new partnerships announced this month. This move is part of the new stage of evolution of YouTube as the world’s default media streaming service.

According to industry sources, YouTube will partner with Awesomeness TV to produce the new films, which will be premiered around the world in the next two years. YouTube, not surprisingly, are talking about “a new distribution paradigm”, meaning using the leverage of their huge global audience. “New distribution” in this form means a full range of media marketing options across multiple platforms, as well as their own.

YouTube are also branching out in to new comedy series, including names like The Fine Brothers, Pranks vs. Prank, Joey Graceffa, and Smosh. Speculation about budgets for the new shows indicates that these may be minor production events, rather than high value major product ventures.

YouTube is also making a quality statement in the new movie productions. They’re using their top creators for the new films, and are investing in “ambitious” projects from their top of the line content creators. This is a departure from the traditional image of YouTube, Hollywood rather than back yard production values.

Interestingly, no actual budget figures for production have been mentioned. It’s unclear to what stage actual negotiations for production budgets have progressed, and not even a ballpark figure has been disclosed at this point. In the film industry, where budgets equate to bragging rights, that’s unusual, with apparently not even a rumor available for the industry sites.

YouTube partnering with top content creators on feature films